The Pioneer Trailed Sprayer supersedes the Diamond as our most popular machine!

The Pioneer Trailed Sprayer supersedes the Diamond as our most popular machine! Specified with a 3000 litre (3300 max capacity) tank and the proven “Self-Trak” drawbar, it is perfect for use for vegetable crops where the precise wheel tracking is key to oil seed rape where the smooth under belly and 600mm + clearance is important. It is packed with features as standard, many of which make the operation of the Pioneer much easier and efficient for the operator. For example we designed the first “Self-Trak” drawbar over 20 years ago and it has evolved over the years to the unique and reliable version offered today which requires no complicated electronics, hydraulics, sensors or control from the operator! A Delta 80 terminal with 8.4” colour screen controls the application rate combined with joystick to control of spraying on/off and boom functions. Axle suspension, hydraulic brakes and an automatic priming and purging circulation system are also standard features. As are the stainless steel 19mm spray lines and chemical induction hopper. A new two stage folding heavy duty “Series 3” boom with “3D” active boom suspension is fitted to the Pioneer trailed models it is packed with features to provide the farmer with many years of trouble free service and backed up by a 3-year construction warranty*. 18, 20, 21 and 24 metre boom widths are easily available as the “3 Series” versatile construction allows boom widths to be changed by adding wider bolt in sections of boom. The boom has tilt correction and boom lock as standard features and the booms can also be specified with independent variable geometry and independent outer boom fold. They are manufactured using a highly durable “lattice style” construction from 3mm & 5mm thick high tensile steel which is then treated with a protective oven baked powder coat finish. Every moving joint on the boom is secured with stainless steel pins which a tab secured to prevent excess wear, each joint also has a greasing point. The “3D” active suspension system controls boom bounce, incline and yaw providing a very stable platform for the spray nozzles, the bounce suspension remains active when the boom is in its transport position, protecting the boom when travelling over rough farm tracks and roads. Other features such as Precision Farming DGPS auto spray section control, auto boom levelling, LED night lighting are also available as options. And for those wanting even more features such as individual nozzle control, tractor auto steer, auto boom fold, turn speed flow compensation or variable mapping we are offering Smart Control Pro our technically advanced sprayer control system.


  • 3000lt polyethylene rota moulded tank c/w remote drain
  • 300lt clean water rinse tank c/w rota flush tank rinse nozzle
  • 18, 20, 21 or 24m “Series 3” hydraulic folding boom
  • Joystick electro hydraulic boom control of height, fold and tilt
  • Self-levelling suspension and active anti-yaw suspension
  • Height adjustment with gas suspension
  • Self-Trak drawbar, manual road lock
  • 260 litre/min 6 cylinder diaphragm pump
  • Chemical induction hopper c/w hopper and can rinse system
  • Joystick electric on/off and electric 7 spray section control
  • Delta 80 control terminal
  • 8.4” colour screen
  • Automatic application rate controller
  • DGPS guidance c/w Agstar receiver (OPTION)
  • Stainless steel 19mm spray lines
  • Auto recirculation prime and purge system
  • Triplet quick fit nozzle bodies with one set of flat fan nozzles
  • Suction self-fill c/w 6m hose and filter
  • Storage locker and hand wash facility
  • Heavy duty suspended axle
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • 340/85 R38 wheels with sliding axle 180-200cm track adjustment
  • 3 year warranty -1 year parts/labour warranty plus two years construction warranty


DGPS EGNOS guidance & auto section control
Smart Control Pro – advanced total control system
Additional spray section (each – max 9)
Auto Boom Levelling 2 ultrasonic sensors
Auto Boom Levelling 4 ultrasonic sensors
Independent boom variable geometry
Independent outer fold
Wash hose reel & brush
Night LED work station & boom work lights
Colour/infrared reversing camera

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