S&K Sprayer Services

The S & K team are able to perform service and repair work at our workshop, on farm and even on the side of the road, ensuring that you get back in the field as soon as possible.

They are also able to refurbish sprayers from the basic small mounted to sophisticated self propelled models to modernisde, increase capacity or comply with regulations.
Refurbishments can include:

  • Boom extensions and kits
  • Fitting clean water wash systems for in field washing
  • Retrofit rate control systems
  • Fitting guidance systems including auto section and auto boom levelling

They are also able to provide NSTS testing at very competitive rates, further enhancing the efficiency of your sprayer and providing evidence to clients or crop assurance organisations of your commitment to keep your machine in a sound, well serviced condition.


Parts / Accessories

From our parts store we can supply a wide variety of parts and accessories for collection or delivery, ranging from a simple washer to sophisticated guidance systems. Here is a small selection of the items we have in stock.

  • Nozzles and caps - flat fan to flood jet
  • Nozzle bodies - manual on / off to precision stop
  • Hose - plastic, rubber, kanoflex, suction and pressure, clips, straps and joiners
  • Pipe fittings - available in polypropylene PVC and metal, hosetails, adapters, reducers, sockets, nipples, elbows cap and liners etc.
  • New and second hand pumps
  • Pump spares - diaphragms and valves etc.
  • Filters and elements
  • Pressure regulators and gauges - manual and electric
  • Control valves - manual and electric
  • Ball valves - manual and electric
  • Consumables - PTFE tape, sealant, washers, o rings etc.
  • Safety clothing - disposable coveralls, gauntlets, gloves etc.
  • GPS guidance systems
  • Rate controllers - RDS, LH Agro etc.
  • Bout Marker Foam

Other parts and accessories can be ordered with a quick turnaround including:

  • Induction hoppers
  • Chemical and water tanks - plastic and stainless steel, variuos capacities
  • Knapsack sprayers
  • Bout Marker Kits
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